Learn All basic SEO Techniques | What is Black Hat and White Hat

Learn all the Do and Don’t. There are tons of free articles, books, websites, applications, that can help you learn how basic SEO is done. “He who seeks, will find.” And to make life a little bit easier we will mention a few soon.

Click Here to Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorials
Install Google Analytics or Other Tracking Application

Find the most comfortable application that will help you track your traffic that you will receive on your website from organic, search engine, or referred visitors.

Click Here to Install Google Analytics
Build a website that is compatible with smart devices like smart phones and tablets

Make sure you are ready for 2013 as well as, the future. Build your site in away people can open it and use it on their smart devices. If your website is not user friendly on mobile devices it does not mean your are conducting poor SEO techniques but it does mean that your customers or users are leaving to your competitors who DO have a mobile user friendly web design.

Make Sure Your Web Page Titles Contain Some Part of Your Keywords

We like to put the Gene Nero brand where ever we can manage it since it is the main component of our keyword popularity.
Use Image Titles to Your SEO Advantage

Never forget to name and describe your images that you use on your website. Another great trigger to cause more clicks to your site by applying relative keywords to your image titles and descriptions.
Create Your Content More Than 70% Unique

Make your content stands out from all you competitors. For example; don’t copy paste text from Wikipedia and claim that you wrote it. Google will find it and will lower your relevance. Write or hire some one to write your own content.
Make Sure You have a Description For Every Page And Category

This will create a better looking snip-it (advertisement) on the search results. This will be visible one your page is submitted and ranked. This attracts users to your page and gives them a brief overview to convince them further to click on your links.
Update Your Pages | Increase Freshness of Your Website

Add relevant information to your pages. This will tell the spiders that are cowling your site think that this data is brand new and will eventually raise your relevance.
Sign Up for All High Page Ranked Social Media Sites

If you have not noticed, most successful businesses are using the services of all the primary social media sites. Imagine how far ahead your competition is?
• Top 20 Social Media Networks Important and Relevant in 2013

Spending your time on SEO using these websites would be the most optimal and effective choice for your success

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. Youtube
5. Yahoo Answers
6. LinkedIn
7. Flickr
8. Stumpedia
9. Instagram
10. Pinterest
11. MySpace
12. Craigslist
13. Wikipedia
14. Blogger
15. Reddit
16. Digg
17. Tumblr
18. Delicious
19. Stumbleupon
20. Designbump

These selected websites are only our predictions for 2013 and should not be a subject of debate, rather used as a reference guide
• Earn popularity with search engines by submitting relevant links and content to social media channels
• Create a sitemap of your website on all of your social networking sites
• Request from your following on sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow your Social Networking Channels
• In 2013 all Twitter posts will be considered almost equivalent to any blog post page
Make Sure You are Being Mentioned Within Your Circles

Whether its Google or Twitter, make sure people mention your website in their posts. Ask you friends to add your website in some of their social media posts. Knowing people can get you far.
Social Signals Will Get You To The Top

After you installed Google+ make sure you are adding people to your circles as well as adding relative content for users to be interested (not specifically in your website but) in your Google+ page. We are predicting a major change in the visibility of websites on search results. You can already see blog writers (you will see a thumbnail of the writer) taking over keywords due to their fresh relative content. Make sure people are sharing your content.

• If you want your authorship information thumbnail to appear in Google search results, CLICK HERE to set it up with Google Webmaster Tools.

• Get verified by Google to display your Rich Snippets

• Don’t hesitate to use your rich snippets to expose your main keywords
Convert Popularity on Social Networks into Clicks

• Entertain your social media buddies
• Get mentioned | Get +1 | Get Likes
• Display your Social Network popularity on your website
• Follow and get followed by popular users on social networks
Encourage users to leave comments on your website or blog

Search engines are becoming much smarter and now its evident that content that has been viewed and reviewed consistently will rank as the most relevant content.

Build links by posting comments on about 20 of your favorite blogs, forums, websites

Posting relevant comments on your favorite blogs is probably the best way to build links to your website.

Authenticate your business and place it on a map

Internet is full of popular geo localization websites that can place your business on the map. It is quiet obvious that your business is more visible on the web when it is registered with social networks that provide options for users to locate, see products, recieve coupons and discounts, and rate your business. Build your relationship with your visitors on these map locators. There are about 20 best free map localization social networks that we would recommend.

Click here to see a Top 20 List of Business Map Social Media Networks

Avoid Panda Update in 2013

Panda algorithm is an update that finds spam in your webpages and flags as well as bans pages that are not user friendly.
Avoid these 10 techniques:

• Do not create a single page websites
• Watch out for high fluctuations in your Bounce Rate
• Watch out for creating grammatical mistakes
• Avoid duplicating your content (70% unique content)
• Do not duplicate keywords in your title anchor text
• Avoid buying low PR backlinks
• Avoid building too many irreverent links to your webpages
• Avoid making very long webpages
• Match your content with your sources
• Do not maliciously make duplicate content
Reduce Bounce Rate

Don’t let your users bounce around on your website. Make sure that they stay for as long as possible to use your website and then closed their browser to show the search engine algorithms that the users came, saw what they came for, and left.
Improve Average Time on Page

Give the people what they want. If you are promoting specific keywords, then provide the content to back up your keywords. Don’t forget to provide the details.

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